5 Best RC Boat for pool and Lake : Guide and Review for 2017

Racing with the best RC boats with your kid is the best thing to enjoy the time by the side of a pool or a lake. As the boat can run like the bigger racing boats and easily controllable with the remote control, the gives pleasure and excitement at the same time.

There are lots of RC boats in the market with different features by numerous manufacturers in the market. How will you choose the best one? Here is this guide to assist you. You will know about the 5 best RC boat for pool in the market with their uses and tips to buy them

How to use RC Boat ?

RC boat is a toy boat. But still, it needs proper ways to handle it. First of all, never operate the boat while you are standing on the water. As the remote controller works through the battery power, it can electrocute you easily. Another important thing is when the battery power is over and the boat is in the middle of the pond. lake as well as pool; wait for the boat to drift to the shore. You can also use a floating boat or inflatable boat to retrieve it. Never swim after the RC boat to retrieve it.

It is always a great idea to operate the boat standing far from the swimmers as it helps you to avoid any collision with the swimmers. Another important thing is to always stay your hand away from the propeller. Though the propeller is small it can damage your finger.

 Top 2 RC Boat for pool

We pick 2 best remote control Boat for pool in the market. You can also use this two RC boat for outdoor (lake/pond/etc) without any hesitation.

UDI001 Venom Remote Control Boat

15 MPH speed
Battery alarm
4 channel
Powerful battery
Easy control
120-meter range

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An RC boat which has a nice design and color. It’s 15 MPH speed gives more freedom to run faster than ever in the pool, lake or pond. The remote control helps the users to handle the boat with ease. This remote control boat for pool can go forward, backward, left and right. With the powerful transmitter, this boat can cover 120-meter area easily.

This boat is impact resistant as it has an anti-tilt modular design. Push throttle and trigger save the boat from capsizing. The rechargeable battery ensures long time run of the boat and for the safety, there is low battery alarm. You can easily charge the battery with the USB charger.

Udirc 2.4GHz High Speed RC Electric Boat

Anti-hit hull
Superpower motor
Rechargeable battery
15MPH speed

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One of the most favorites to the kids, this rc boat for pool has a great speed of 15MPH. It can go forward and backward with the help of trigger throttle. Remote controller helps to move left, right, forward, backward and to recover from capsizing. The 29mm motor gives a 15MPH speed. The waterproof hull and the anti-modular design help the boat to resist any kind of impact.

The battery gives 10 minutes run of the boat and the battery is easily rechargeable with the USB charger included.  There is also a low battery alarm. There is 2.4GHz transmitter with this boat to cover a long distance. The design of this boat is very stylish and there more than 13 different colors of this boat. To use with ease, there is a user manual with this RC boat.

Top 3 Fast Remote Control Boat for Lake

If you are looking fastest remote control Boat for lake or pond than this 3 is the top of our list.

Radio Ranger ll” 34″ Remote Control Fishing Boat

400 ft range
Rechargeable battery
Speed controller
Powerful engine

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Fishing is more enjoyable with this RC boat. It has quite a big size of 34 inches. The powerful engine gives a very good speed to this boat. With the help of the remote, anyone can easily control this boat. The remote helps to control the speed of the boat as the boat has a variable speed controller.

With the speed of this boat, it can catch any sizes of fish. The radio transmitter gives 400 ft range which helps to cover a larger area to catch in the pond or lake. The rechargeable battery allows long time sailing of the boat and the battery takes 5-6 hours to get the full charge. There are pistol grip transmitter, boat stand, extra propeller and battery charger with this boat.

Atomik Barbwire 17″ RTR Deep Vee Hull RC Boat

Responsive hull design
Brushless design
4GHz radio system
Lithium Polymer battery
Easy control
25MPH battery

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A small but smart RC boat to pass a quality time by the side of a pond or a lake. It has a compact design to easily catch the attention of any kid. This boat has a brushless 2950kV motor to give a better performance and with this motor, it can run up to 25MPH speed. With the 2.4GHz transmitter, this boat can cover a long distance in the water. This boat can move forward, backward, left and right.

This boat has the ability to resist any kind of impact on it. To run it for a long time, this boat has a Lithium Polymer battery. With its rechargeable feature, you can charge it at any time. The remote controller helps the kids to control the boat easily on the water. There is 30amp water cooled ESC in the boat. Regarding one of the best selling RC boat in the market, this boat also includes a user manual with it.

AquaCraft Miss Seattle U-16 RC Boat

Stunning design
2200kV motor
Rudder to avoid accidents
Radio controlled
Sharp propeller

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One of the fastest RC boats for kids to enjoy the time with RC boat in the pond or in a lake. This boat has more attractive design than any other boats in the market. It has applied graphics to attract the kids. The factory-finished ABS hull and canopy give a better performance of this boat. For speedier run with updated smoothness, this boat has 2200kV brushless motor and 30A controller.

With the radio controller, you can cover a long distance. The breakaway rudder ensures safety from any underwater obstruction. The 30 min 2-blade FRP propeller helps to get the perfect speed to the boat. There are strut, radio box tape and stand with this boat too.

Best Remote Control Boat Buying Guide

Checking all the features will help you to buy the best RC boat for pool and lake. People sometimes choose the wrong one with a lack of proper buying tips. Here are some really important tips to buy the very good one in the market.

Performance: Performance is one of the main features. Look for a powerful and high-performance motor. It will provide more speed. As the boat will be sometimes used for racing, speed will save you from defeat.

Quality: Be careful about the features. You don’t need all the features of other boats. But make sure that the features of the boat are enough for your purpose. Make sure that the boat is made with top quality materials.

Controlling: Some boats move only forward and backward. Avoid them. Go for the boats which go forward, backward, left and right. Choose the boat which can cover a long distance. The remote controller must have all features and settings to control the boat easily.

Battery: The battery of the boat should be powerful enough to cover a long time. It must be rechargeable and the boat must include a battery charger.

Construction: As the boat will run fast, the body of the boat must be durable enough. The bow, stern, hull, port, deck, rudder, and strut must be durable to protect the boat from any impact.

Safety: The boat should have impact resistant quality to protect it. It must have recovery power after capsizing. See the age recommendation of the boat. Most of the boats are recommended only for the kids over 14 years.

Other features: There are some other important features in an RC boat. It must have extra propellers, a stand to place it perfectly and user manual to use with ease.

Special Request

It is a wild intention of many users to chase the ducks and the other water birds. Bad idea…… It will cost you fine and you will not be considered a friendly person to the nature and wildlife. So avoid this intention when you .

Final Words

RC boats remind me of my childhood. I bet it will remind yours too. So, buy one for your kid and let him know what you have felt at your childhood.


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